Nick Beim

Thoughts on the Economics of Innovation

Artificial Intelligence

DataminrReal-time information discovery platform.

Percipient.aiAdvanced computer vision and machine learning analytics platform for national and corporate security.

Chisel.aiEnterprise platform for a new class of intelligent insurance applications.

Intent MediaReal-time intent segmentation enabling on-site ecommerce advertising.



QuiqIntelligent messaging-based customer service software.

WorkFrameCollaboration software platform for real estate teams.

JBossThe leading open source application server. Acquired by Red Hat.

ConductorThe leading SaaS SEO marketing platform. Acquired by WeWork.


Care.comConsumer marketplace for care services. IPO, January 2014.

GiltThe largest flash sale ecommerce provider in the U.S. Acquired by Hudson’s Bay.

CrowdJusticeCrowdfunding to provide equal access to legal system.

FlipKeyReview-based marketplace for vacation rentals. Acquired by TripAdvisor.